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Our passion for innovation and quality gave birth to the P.S.P. (Protect, Secure & Position) philosophy

Tablet Kiosk for Leisure and Hospitality

Interactive tablet kiosks are vital to help a business be successful in the leisure and hospitality industries. Hotels use tablet kiosks in various places from check-in counters to guest rooms. In restaurants kiosks enhance guest experience by providing digital menus, ordering, and entertainment. Interactive tablet kiosks help increase customer satisfaction by reducing wait times and increase revenue by expediting orders.

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Tablet Kiosk Display Stands for Retail

Kiosk display stands are popularly used in the retail industry as they allow you to display your various systems. Tablet kiosks help keep your sales on track and moving along smoothly by allowing sales associates on the floor access to reports. From digital signage to online ordering kiosks help you secure and position the technology you need in the environment you use it.

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Tablet Kiosk Display Stands for Events & Exhibitions

When you are putting on a grand exhibition interactive tablet kiosks are an excellent solution for engaging attendees. Displaying and sending sales collateral is essential to keep you in the game and with an interactive kiosk solution you can do that and more. In any public environment securing property becomes a priority. With all Elevate II tablet kiosks you get peace of mind knowing your device is secure.

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Interactive Information Tablet Kiosk for Government

It really is important for various departments of the government to have an employee information kiosk. There employees can access different types of information, brochures and pamphlets that they may need on various topics. It really is a great idea to have an interactive information kiosk. And an tablet kiosk stand will prove to be very beneficial.

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Interactive Tablet Kiosk for Education

It only stands to reason that an interactive kiosk is a necessary element in education. Tablet kiosks are used in libraries to replace paper catalogs with online public access catalogs. In administrator offices kiosks are used to register students, catalog student attendance, monitor security, and check-in visitors. Interactive kiosks can be placed through campus to keep students informed about upcoming events, access student accounts and notify students of hazards. The Joy Factory is helping schools and universities open the door to technology in various areas by providing lockable kiosk solutions that secure their tablet investment from theft and tampering.

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Tablet Kiosk Stand for Healthcare

Tablet kiosks help healthcare facilities get the most out of tablets by positioning and securing them in various medical environments such as a dentist office, medical office and senior living to name a few. Interactive kiosks are used for presenting vital patient information, creating a versatile workstation, entertainment in waiting areas, patient check in, and records keeping. Elevate II kiosks position and secure tablets in virtually any environment within a medical facility.

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